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Is Your Goal a SMART Goal?

This is short, sweet, and will change your life. It is changing mine right now.

Is your goal SMART? By smart I mean does it follow this acronym:

S=Specific     (is your goal specific?)
M= Measurable (is your goal measurable?)
A= attainable (is it attainable?)
R= Relevant  (does it further your progress in an area that matters to you?)
T = Time Specific (Do you have a time deadline for your goal?)

A life coach friend of mine introduced me to this and I have been following it doggedly.

You can benefit from this too.

Keep the goals you have, but make smaller goals that, when achieved, make your big goals possible/achieved. Make those goals SMART, and then you can do something every day to achieve them.


February 19, 2009 - Posted by | Productivity/Goal Setting

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