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Walking like an 80 year old and feeling better

The weather where I am at changes all the time. Its 40 one day then 80 another, and it usually alternates like that every day. Today was a cold day, but sunny here in Libertador, Argentina.

I hobbled over to the local cafe (slowly) for my favorite local drink, a yerba maté tea. The walk there is on a slope and somewhat inconvienient, but its worth it. This cafe I’m in now gives you mate with a thermos for many refills, 2 hours of free internet, and sometimes popcorn for 5 pesos (about $1.35 U.S.)

After a workout I did 2 days ago, I was still so sore that I could barely walk. This is without a doubt the most post workout pain I’ve experienced and I was on a high school wrestling team! Add to that the feeling that I was recovering from an illness and just finishing a whole day of Spanish classes, and that maté sounds more rewarding than ever.

Whoever was working today would be fired if she worked in the U.S. She handed me the materials to make the beverage and I had never made mate before in my life. I didn’t even know what the tools were called. Usually there is a nice middle aged lady that deserves an award with how she makes the tea and then continues to give even when she doesn’t have to. Unfortunately that lady was not here today.

Luckily, I said this included two hours of internet, and within 5 minutes, an article, and a youtube video later, I learned how to make a drink I love, and will take this skill with me even when I am back in the states.

I guess my point is something most people hear all the time and already know, but we learn the same things at deeper levels all the time, and that is one of the reasons we as people are so cool. I can do more things now (with the addition of learning maté) in a debilitated state than I could have feeling fine. I also learned at a deeper level that the internet can help in so many ways.

Have a good night. You are smarter than you give yourself credit for. I will see you when I am feeling better.


September 23, 2009 - Posted by | Personal

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