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What should I listen to? and who doesn’t like the Beatles!?

I am searching around on itunes today. Right now I feel the way many people do in this post napster era. I want someone to filter the music for me and tell me what I should listen to. I do not however, want dance music/top 40 pushers to dominate all of it.

Artists need to connect with those people who want something to listen to and just don’t know what to pick. I WANT to buy music, but the vast quantity that is out there and the way it is packaged still holds me back. If Spotify were in the Americas, the problem would be solved. I could listen to as much as I want of whatever and pay just a little (as opposed to 1.25 per track or 80$ for an essentials pack that has 20 songs out of 65 or so that I actually want to hear.)

Anyone who comments on this blog post I welcome to tell me their favorite method of finding good music, bonus karma points if these methods are online methods. I am open as well to recommendations of your favorite tracks.

Also, I have a confession to make. I don’t really like the Beatles.

Were they good? Yes

Culturally relevant? Yes

People who worked hard and deserve the success they have? Double Yes.

Do I respect them ? Totally.

Its just that my personal preferences don’t really include the Beatles except for maybe 2 of their best songs. Either I am the only one who doesn’t care much for the Beatles, or I seem to be one of the only people not waxing eloquent on their catalog of music. People usually condemn my tastes because of this, and try to use Beatles therapy on me (“You must see Across the Universe“. “Try listening to this song”. “Read these lyrics and I dare you to tell me you don’t like them after that”). I have done all of these and they still sit at about 6.2 out of 10 in personal preferences.

Therapy doesn’t work apparently, but my respect and appreciation for them has grown from these attempts nonetheless.

I guess this just goes to say that nothing is for everyone, not even “the best in the world” can appeal to everybody. You can disagree with me on this; I think that’s fine. I do however, hope it brings perspective to any artist that worries a lot about other peoples opinions  and ties their self esteem to how universally they are liked.


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  1. David –

    I have to say I wasn’t much of a Beatles fan until I started songwriting myself in my early twenties. When I had to figure out how to craft a song then I had a new appreciation for those who can make a billion people around the world join in. I actually started with their later more avant garde stuff and then worked backwards. I wasn’t much into the early 60’s bubble gum music boy band thing, but the meditating dope smokin slightly surrealist stuff was cool.

    I find a lot of new music today through YouTube recommendations (I know, pretty sad) and mainly friends recommendations. They know my tastes so I trust their advice.

    Great blog post. Glad to have found your stuff.

    Comment by ryanmckee | September 25, 2009 | Reply

    • Thanks for letting me know, and for helping me find out that the more avant garde stuff was just never shown to me in a good context. Perhaps I shall give some of their more recent hits a spin. I was referring to their boy bandish stuff from the 60’s, as many people can do the bubble-gum genre just as good. It is often advisable to start with spreadable pop songs until people know who you are and then introduce more and more of you into your work as time progresses, especially as the people in bands start to grow and change mentally. It is a strategy that has been successful for many artists.

      Comment by D. Allen | September 26, 2009 | Reply

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