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Lilly Allen- the good, bad, potentially better!

Lilly Allen has a blog against piracy. Normally I don’t immediately jump on a story that I do not have the resources to check my sources on before-hand. However, she admitted her actions on her own blog (I would link but the website now shows no posts at all…hmm).

The irony of her supporting a law that would temporarily suspend net connection of those pirating music is that she admitted to using mixtapes that contained snippets of songs. These were 30 seconds to 1 minute long, yet she admitted to it herself after another article reported it on the net and gained traction.

I will say that at least Ms. Allen responds when the public has a concern about her behavior, even if it happened 5 years ago.

She uses as an alibi (which could be completely true for all I know) that she didn’t know enough about the music industry at the time to understand what she was doing. By doing so, she must be careful how she to addresses young people who, like herself, know little about what they are doing when pirating songs. She must focus more on people who are taking music, even though they know the consequences. Another alternative is to spread awareness on how piracy affects careers while supporting systems that can reduce this occurrence and add value to the consumer.

Piracy is real. In high school, I’ve done it when learning guitar riffs. I should have used more respectable methods of getting music.

Disconnecting the internet is not the way to solve the problem. What is happening today is that musicians hold the same economic value on their music that was around in the early 2000s and 1990’s and the perception of that music’s value in the eyes of many listeners has decreased dramatically. If internet is shut down, people will burn/swap cd’s and find other ways around. There is also, of course, the reality that more people will simply play video games instead, as their perceived value has increased over time along with many other forms of entertainment.

Ms. Allen is doing what any person concerned about their future should do. I just believe, that the methods of securing musician’s future’s need to address the public shift in how consumers value music while providing compensation to the artist. It may never be what it was in the 90’s, but if a system is made and adopted to solve this need, Ms. Allen and many others can continue to do what they really love, and I doubt in her case, that it is blogging about disconnecting the internet connections of her potential customers.

as an aside, although many think her voice is thin and she doesn’t have an American friendly image, I think her vernacular british is charming and catchy.


September 24, 2009 - Posted by | Music Business, Posts About Artists

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