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Chris Brown and trying to come back

This is Chris Brown’s new song, “I can Transform Ya“, linked straight to Brown’s site. I was not approached or bribed into writing this. I am just discussing my thoughts on his song and how it may impact his career at this stage.

Nobody is proud of what he did with Rihanna.

What Chris knew, however, and Lilly Allen did not, is that you have to admit when you make a wrong move as soon as possible. When I add that Chris did less to alienate his fan base, and has less ground to make up in order to regain his standing on the charts, I say he has a great chance.

I doubt it will be so easy for his personal life though unless he is getting some help.

Chris has a lot of fans who are reluctant to give him up, and he needed a strong hit to comeback with.

Enter “I can Transform Ya”.

I got online today in a cafe and loaded up Youtube to get a listen to this new song, knowing that this one NEEDS to be strong.

Electric Guitar 5th chords in the mix…nice. Lil’ Wayne, not my first choice, as his voice is not as strong as Chris’s, but he did better with this intro than with many of his other tunes.

The verse had catchiness, which is what his fans love him for. He overdelivered in that aspect. As most catchy songs go, when I heard it I visualized the performer (Chris) moving around on stage like crazy, which I know he can do.

The only downside I have with the song is that last part of the chorus

Shoes you got it (got it)
Bags you got it (got it),
cars you got it (got it),
money still got it (got it),
I can transform ya, I can transform ya,
Anything you want I can (i can) get it for ya,

It seemed weak. This is all opinion here, but a stronger, “Yeah” by Usher influenced vocal strength would have pushed this song above and beyond.

In this end, “I can transform Ya” will please Chris Brown fans immensely, and will help recover his position, though not completely. It could have been stronger, but it was strong enough.

What are your opinions? If you were in Chris’s place, what would your strategy be for regaining what was lost?


October 1, 2009 - Posted by | Posts About Artists

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