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How to never become a one-hit wonder

With every album I’ve owned, it takes me several listens to really get every song. Even then, I will repeat the first 4 songs 20 times before going to the next four. If people can barely pay attention to one song, good luck trying to get people to listen to 12-14.

What is crazy about the record industry is that singles are way better selling than albums. They are also cheaper to make. In spite of all this, artists continue to release albums.

If you ask me, singles are where it’s at, bro. The reason selling things to other people is so damn hard is because attention is scarce and feedback is either slow or imperceptible.

If people don’t get your single, you have nothing to offer your listeners. It’s like owning craigslist and no one ever posting anything on it. You have something of value, but its true value comes from its enjoyment and use.

On a blog that teaches me how to write better, I found something interesting that really hits this point home.

The article in the  link above teaches that the goal of your headline (intro) is: to get your first sentence (verse) read (heard).

The goal of your first sentence is: to get your second sentence (chorus) read/heard.

The goal of your first song (you get my point now) is to get your second song heard.

Only put out good stuff. Use the rest for your own personal development, so you can release better stuff. Just because you can release 14 songs at once, doesn’t mean you should.


October 1, 2009 - Posted by | Music Business

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