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Top 4 ways you can use RSS readers to simplify your internet usage.

There are few things more tedious than going to favorite sites daily only to find they haven’t been updated. This takes time away from both promotion, music making, and your life.

Enter RSS.

If you want the four ways to use Readers, scroll down. If you are new to this idea and don’t know what this is, keep reading.

What is RSS, and what is a Reader?

RSS means Real Simple Syndication. In street English it means putting all your info in one place…kind of like what newspapers do with the news.

An RSS reader = Website that displays all the RSS feeds (news sources) on one page that notifies you of any and all updates.

Every time you see one of these:

You can subscribe to put this blog on your RSS reader!

You can subscribe to put this blog on your RSS reader

In case you are wondering, this pic has a link that lets you subscribe to this blog as an RSS feed for your RSS Reader (its like I am a columnist in your own personal online newspaper).

I click subscribe buttons like this to keep track of about 50 different sites at once within 10-20 minutes using my reader.

You can choose from many different types of readers, but I choose Google Reader and it works well for me.

When you go to, click on the “more” link on top of the screen to get a drop down menu with a link to the “reader” option. After a process that is easier than signing up for twitter, you can go to your favorite sites and blogs, click the “RSS/subscribe” button, and hit “add to your reader”. The process is similar for other readers.

Once you do that for several of your favorite sites, you can check them all and see if any of them updated all from that one page. It is just like a digital newspaper, except you choose the authors, and the content, as well as which way you want to view it.

Here Are Four Ways Readers Make The Internet Easier For You

1. Keep track of all being said of you on google, twitter, and other social networking sites.

Go to every website you want that has a search bar (twitter, blogsearch, google) and type in your band name in quotation marks (i.e.   “Iron Maiden”     ). This lets you search for your search terms with the words appearing in the order you typed them in. After pressing enter and seeing the results page pop up, click on the “subscribe RSS link” (or the orange box i showed you) to add to the reader of your choice.

Congratulations, now you can check your Reader for what everybody is saying when they mention your name or your band name. It continually updates as people talk about you.

2. Stay up to date on what is happening in the industry.

This subscribe RSS button/link is on almost all blogs, news sites, and web pages that have frequent updates. Use it on your favorites so all you need to do is check your Reader to see all their updates without having to load every page.

3. Participate in the conversations of fans, other musicians, and industry professionals

Whenever you comment on something of interest and want to continue to have updates on peoples responses, you can RSS the comments of a post as well. Then, when you use your RSS reader, every comment will show up as an update. This allows you to be in many places at once while having deeper conversations with whoever.

4. Get all your stuff in one place rather than going to a billion different sites.

On days where you only want to keep track of sites you visit already, you can see all of them in one place. You can still find new stuff by clicking on links that appear in your subscribed blogs, as that’s how more than 80% of my new subscriptions are found.

This simple tool will make your life easier, especially as an artist or businessman. Use it, and your clock will thank you.


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