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How can I gain work experience when no one will hire me?

Many role-models in our lives have given us the smart tip that we need to know the business side of what we do.

If unequipped with this knowledge, you can become powerless very fast.

In an attempt to learn the business, you may have even applied for several jobs only to receive no positive results.

I propose this idea:

Volunteer to work for someone for free in the music industry job you are interested in. I know you are probably young and poor, and need “the money” now, but if you do not get that valuable experience in any way you can, your ability to deliver value to others will never rise, and neither will your ability to ask payment for what you do.

Plus, you may even find out that what you thought you wanted, you didn’t really want after all.

Either way, you save yourself a lot of time by not asking for more value than you can deliver, and your chances of leveraging yourself into different work goes up as your experience goes up.

On my return to the states, I plan on spending at least 6-9 months doing this in addition to my blog, and I know that this is a plan that can help you as well.


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