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Fear of “Chart Heights”

Chart Heights is a legitimate fear for those few who made it early. It is a fear of being number 2 after being number one. If you haven’t heard it before, it may be because I just made it up.

Staying a star after you’ve grown up, if you still want it, can be challenging.

The music industry may be big like an elephant, but unlike an elephant, it can forget you very quickly.

This video, while hilarious, proves a point about how child artists who are overpromoted and then forgotten, can appear as  depleted as the worlds oil supply after 5 more years of overproduction.

I do not share this video’s assumption of Miley Cyrus, as her father is an artist who knows what it takes to grow more slowly (playing in bars for 10 years before getting a record deal) and knows how to put perspective on this subject when the time comes.

Who knows? I may be way off, but I digress.

I post this due to the mind-numbing masses of teenage artists being promoted by Disney, and also due to the welcoming breath-of-fresh-air to that market, Fox’s Glee.

If half of the products sold at WalMart have your mug on the front, you are given specials on major TV networks, and you have your songs promoted to the top 40 charts, it can be a rough ride downhill when your label one day decides who their next big thing is.

You have got to have perspective. Bob Lefsetz posted about Michael Jackson shortly after the singer’s death in early 2009. In this post, he explains it better than anyone else can.

If you are used to being number one, you start to tie your self-esteem to making those sales numbers rise every time. Perspective comes in when you realize that when you are at the top of the charts there is only one other place to go: down. Down happens to everybody, and like any resource, money and fame comes and goes.

Be thankful when you are up there, yet have a stoic fearlessness of being at the bottom (Is this what #49 feels like? Thats not so bad after all). This mindset can keep you from grasping out in desperation, being someone you are not. It will also keep your career running much more smoothly than anyone else with fear of “chart heights”.

If and when your time comes to stand at the top comes, be glad. You earned it. Just don’t let the fear of falling drive your decisions once you get up there.


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