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I found my Muse – the band of course.

Check this stuff out. It is a song called butterflies and hurricanes.

This is literally the best stuff I have seen all year when it comes to discovering new music. It is clear by this video that the band Muse has earned all the success they have achieved.

The band primarily has three people, so it takes a lot of stage presence and song-playing power to keep people’s attention. The bass player constantly uses heavy distortion, which to this extent is rare even in the heavy-metal genre. The drummer plays a very strong, fast beat in almost every song bordering on techno.

The singer, when he is playing looks like a true rock star. I seriously think Bono from U2, rather than trying to make me believe “Get on your boots” was cool, should have watched this entire concert DVD while taking notes.

I doubt most rock stars can play guitar like this guy can, with strong Tom Morello-influenced solos, and then bang out piano solos like the virtuoso he is.

Like many great artists, I was turned onto this from a friend. That is because their music is so epic, so good, that it can’t help but be spread, even if it took me several years to finally get it. Given, I also heard “starlight” on the radio, but due to how long I have been listening to music, it sometimes takes more than one good song to get my attention. These guys truly deliver.

Even if the vocals aren’t for everybody, check out the tune. There is no disputing talent.


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