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Can your songs sell themselves? Here is why I doubt it.

If you are wondering why your best songs aren’t promoting themselves, this is for you.

Here are some questions for you:

If you believe great content will market itself, why are there so many shitty songs that gain traction and end up selling more than yours?

If people don’t know about a song, does that mean the song is lousy?

Is every popular song where it is today because it is so good it deserves to be there?

Your songs are great…hopefully. I am going to assume they are, because if you believe they can gain traction without continuous action on your part, you have a lot of faith. You have more faith than atheists, who believe we all came from organisms that came out of rocks.

You have faith in your own rock, congratulations. But faith without love is nothing my friends. If you love your songs, you will take action to make sure they are heard. You will be like the soccer-mom who believes her kid is the absolute best and will tell everyone about her. Your songs had better be great though, because if they aren’t, it will be as if the kid fell on her ass on the starting kick of the game, and the others on the bleachers will want you to shut it.

I guarantee you, just because you deserve to sell well and be on top doesn’t mean that your songs alone will take you there. When I hear people say they don’t need to promote based on how good their songs are, it almost sounds like a sense of arrogance (“where’s ma money at?”).

Marketing and Social media author Julien Smith says it much better than me, so read his post. He says that it is a combination of Luck and Marketing that causes any form of media to succeed.

Luck – what got you to my blog if you were not originally looking for it.

Marketing – what got you to come back to my blog to read it again for this post or a different one.

For you, LUCK is when someone notices you at the right time or place, or when your song is played by the radio at the time a future fan happened to be paying attention, or when your audience happened to be in an explorative, happy mood before coming to your show. Luck happens to everyone sooner or later, but not in the amounts necessary to push you to the top.

For you, MARKETING is making a great song better by revising it. Practicing it to get it just right. Telling everyone you know about it. Using your website or blog to promote it. Pushing to get it into film or radio. Traveling to new towns to play in front of crowds that barely know you in order to build a following.

The more you market, the more luck you may encounter. I may post more on that later.

So, is your material so good it sells itself? Maybe, but people need to hear it first. There is nothing out there that is so good as to make people buy it before they hear or see it.


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