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No one cares…at least not as much as you.

If you are wondering why people aren’t paying money for your music, why club promoters are telling you no, or why labels “really, really like you, but you just aren’t for them right now”, I cannot say I know the answer. It could be one of a million things.

What is certain, however, is that no one cares about your music as much as you.

If you have a manager, or are one, they/you should care just as much, but this is about your responsibility. Sure, other people can do some stuff, and once you get enough traction it will be necessary, but it always starts and ends with you.

Its not their fault, as “they” care about their own stuff more than you do.

The club promoter loves it when the venue is sold out. Show him that you can make that happen.

The record label will chase after you when your business is successful. Make money doing your music, and watch what happens to their offers after you turn then down several times and continue to succeed.

Your fan wants to fall in love with something that feeds their emotions and their soul. Feed them the good stuff, and they will come back for seconds.

If you are unwilling to take responsibility for making these things happen, and you think its only about playing your guitar or screaming into the mic, then become a guitar teacher, or a studio musician. Hire yourself out as a touring guitarist/backup vocal to the artists who did take that responsibility. There’s no shame in it if that is what you want.

If you want the limelight, the ownership, or people screaming YOUR name, however, the person responsible for making that happen is you. Refusing responsibility, having a diva attitude, and demonstrating an unwillingness to work hard only shows other people why they shouldn’t care about you. If your level of care is low, and no one is supposed to care more than you, you won’t get results.

The only step I am asking you to take today is to care more about every aspect of what you do. Your level of care, when increased and demonstrated through action, can inspire others to care more as well.

Watch what happens then.


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