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The Indie Max Exposure list

If you have not seen this yet, check it out! After music publicity blogger Ariel Hyatt became discouraged at Billboard’s lack of practical advice, she got together with many powerful independent music figureheads to make a list of things you can do now to promote your music.

This thing is more powerful than all my blog posts put together, and it will take me a week to fully catch up on all this, even though I know a lot of it already.

It is divided into 7 categories:

  1. Mindset
  2. Developing Relationships
  3. Recording and Releasing material
  4. Touring/Live Performance
  5. Social Media/Internet Strategy
  6. Online resources
  7. Making Money

They are far more useful than the possible, yet unlikely suggestions of “getting on Oprah” or “getting your song on Dancing with the Stars or Grey’s Anatomy”.

(Ya, I’ll just get on Oprah today, and get featured in itunes this afternoon….not a likely strategy)

The thing is that most of the Billboard list contains stuff that, while effective in reaching many people, still does not accept that the type of audience you reach is just as important. Most of these strategies are only achievable to an unknown if they are backed by multinational corporations, who have 50-year relationships with the media.

While these steps are possible, and maybe even relevant depending on what music you perform, it is better if you do the things on the Indie Max Exposure List first. By then, getting on Oprah would be welcome, but certainly not needed.


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