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Touring Like Iron Maiden

Twenty years ago, anyone who was big in music would tell you that you had to be on radio in order to build a large following. It was what everyone else was doing.

There was one band who decided it wasn’t for them.

I am talking about my favorite heavy metal band, Iron Maiden. For the uninitiated, you can get an idea of how powerful their live show is by streaming/buying the DVD Flight 666. Their strategy challenged many commercializing paradigms that held the music industry in their day, and they did it in several ways:

  • The bass player was the main songwriter for the band (though the singer, Bruce is quite good as well)
  • Every song they made was conceived for live performance. That was always their goal.
  • Most of their songs are not under three and a half minutes. Many of them are around 6-15 minutes.
  • For almost all of their publicity and merchandising, they featured a skeleton style mascot in place of themselves. It even had a name (Eddie) and showed up as a towering 9+ ft. tall puppet on stage.

Now these guys have fans everywhere, from India to Chile, from Japan, to London, and so many other places.

My question is…can a band starting out today gain success solely from giving and promoting a great live show?

My belief is that it can, and the reason I am bringing this up is that there seems to be few artists (if any) making it to that level in the US by doing this.

And if it is being done, why am I not hearing about it?

If anyone can give me an example to look at (other than the Jam Band genre) of bands that are doing this, please comment me on them.


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