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In case you were busy, here’s what you missed this week.

First off, the CMA’s. Country’s big night.

19 year-old Taylor Swift went home with four awards: music video of the year, female artist, album of the year, and the much coveted entertainer of the year.

Brad Paisley hosted and won male vocalist of the year.

Vocal group of the year and single of the year were grabbed by Lady Antebellum. The song by the way was “I Run to You”

I was surprised to find that Darius Rucker from Hootie and the Blowfish won new artist of the year.

Cool Music Management Article:

There was an article released on the fistfulayen blog that really taught me a lot about how to manage a new band at the very beginning. The author breaks the process down into Alert, Connect, Sell; he also argues that the biggest reason new acts do not sell as much is because they have not done enough Alerting and Connecting first. Check out the article.

By the way, I’m digging the koala bear with an uzi machine gun!

Australians get mad.

Apparently it IS possible to aggravate our friends down-under. Well, at least for Britney Spears it is. According to many online sources, Britney’s Circus Tour was not going well down there. Large numbers of people left her show, angry because of her lip-synching.

I thought it was common knowledge that Britney lip-synched. I mean, almost no one can dance with that intensity and sing at the same time (though I credit Lady Gaga for trying). I guess it was really bad for the Aussies to get that pissed.

Anyway, legislators down in Australia are discussing the idea of performance disclosure to audiences before sales occur. This is so that people know what they are getting. Live would mean live, with real instruments and real singing. Anything not in accordance with that definition would need to be disclosed as such. Personally, I like the idea, even though it would be to artists what HD was to actors….all the covered blemishes now in plain view.

What do you think? Should similar legislation be passed in the United States?


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