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New Update! Future Plans and my new site!

The Boy is Back in Town

Good news everyone!

I have returned from Argentina and have been back in the U.S. for a little over a week now. During that time I have done some major changes. While there are many more to come, I assure you that the changes I have made are just as positive as the changes I will make in the future.

My blog now has it’s own domain. That’s right folks! I have a .com site. is now up and ready to go.

Not only that, but I have been at work trying to rearrange the layout of my site so that it will be more professional, easier to read, and better equipped to find out what you, the readers, are interested in.

It’s Always Sunny in the Rich Man’s World

I also have plans for continuing to give out free content and using this blog as a platform for bringing in some money. Not yet enough to put a down payment on a Lexus, but definitely enough to pay for musical instruction, instruments, and other things that allow me to become the CEO of my own life.

I confess to you that a problem I have had with blogging is that even though I write about business I have had a phobia of making money on my blog. I guess I was afraid of what people would think. Stupid huh?

If I am telling people to take charge of their lives, especially their financial ones, I would be a hypocrite not to do so with something that I have. No longer. From now on, I will make sure that the links people would click on anyway from my blog will result in some sort of kickback.

Takin’ Care of Business

Before I do, I will establish that with the ceoofrockblog, any affiliate link will be either something highly recommended to me by paying customers, used by myself personally, highly relevant and useful, etc. A product will have to meet at least 1 out of those three to even have a chance of making it onto my blog.

Also, if anyone wishes to have me recommend something of theirs, I have to check it out for myself on their dime. Once I do, I will make the fairest and accurate review that I can regardless of what I may receive. In other words, you can pay me and I could absolutely slam your product, or you can send it to me and I will give it a glowing review should it be something that can help people who read my blog. Even If I received no payment! Payment only prioritizes whether or not I review something should my schedule be full, and in no way will prevent your product from being slammed if it sucks.

Lastly, I will disclose at the bottom of each post on my newer site whether or not something was an affiliate link. I will also say whether or not I have used it or why I am writing about it in every post that has one.

Walkin’ in Memphis Nashville

On a recent note, I have driven over 600 miles and crossed 2 state lines to end up in Nashville, Tennessee. This is where the Mike Curb College of Music and Business is located, as a part of Belmont University. The next 4 days will determine whether or not I will get in. I will also see whether I will stay the course with Business Marketing or switch majors to Music Business. Finally, I will also see whether my mailing address will be a Tennessee listing or a Texas listing. That’s right, If I don’t get into Belmont, I will continue my stay in Texas. The weather is better (except for this week), the girls are pretty (aren’t they everywhere?), and I will have closer proximity to the upcoming SXSW in March of this year in Austin.

So check out the site, subscribe, and tell me how you like it. I emphasize subscribe because I am not a coding pro, and I don’t know how the switchover handled subscribers. Keep rocking on!

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Ceo of Rock’s 10 of the best quotes I found this last year

Since my blog started, I have kept track of interesting quotes I have found on my journey, marking them down as I go along. Some of them were from world famous game changers, and others were from anonymous comments made online. Some were made centuries ago, and some were made more recently. I narrowed them down to about ten, which you can read below. Here they are in no particular order.

The Best Success Quotes I found in the last year

1. “Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain — and most fools do.” – Ben Franklin

2. “If you don’t know it by now, being a dick doesn’t make you seem like a rock star, it makes you seem like a dick.” – Jesse Cannon, Musformation

3. “The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.” – William Arthur Ward

4. “Some people get an education without going to college; the rest get it after they get out.” -Mark Twain

5. “Hollywood is like high school, but with money.” – Tom Hanks

6. “The more you “let people in” to see the inner workings of your business, the more likely they are to buy from you”-Erica Douglass

7. “Big Ideas are little ideas that no one killed too soon.” – Seth Godin

8. “Forget all the frustration, the tricks, and the worry. Just focus on becoming good. Really damn good.” – Cal Newport

9. “Sometimes I worry about being a success in a mediocre world.” -Lily Tomlin

10. “I’m not a big believer in long-term planning and far-off goals. In fact, I generally set 3-month and 6-month dreamlines [goals]. The variables change too much and in-the-future distance becomes an excuse for postponing action” – Timothy Ferriss

Is there an 11th quote out there? Please let me know in the comments what quote you have found that contributed to your journey.

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I found my Muse – the band of course.

Check this stuff out. It is a song called butterflies and hurricanes.

This is literally the best stuff I have seen all year when it comes to discovering new music. It is clear by this video that the band Muse has earned all the success they have achieved.

The band primarily has three people, so it takes a lot of stage presence and song-playing power to keep people’s attention. The bass player constantly uses heavy distortion, which to this extent is rare even in the heavy-metal genre. The drummer plays a very strong, fast beat in almost every song bordering on techno.

The singer, when he is playing looks like a true rock star. I seriously think Bono from U2, rather than trying to make me believe “Get on your boots” was cool, should have watched this entire concert DVD while taking notes.

I doubt most rock stars can play guitar like this guy can, with strong Tom Morello-influenced solos, and then bang out piano solos like the virtuoso he is.

Like many great artists, I was turned onto this from a friend. That is because their music is so epic, so good, that it can’t help but be spread, even if it took me several years to finally get it. Given, I also heard “starlight” on the radio, but due to how long I have been listening to music, it sometimes takes more than one good song to get my attention. These guys truly deliver.

Even if the vocals aren’t for everybody, check out the tune. There is no disputing talent.

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